<- BBC Soundcrew & Entertainment only used Licensed Technicians for all equipment setup and takedowns. We offer the latest in DJ and Audio Technology setup by Licensed Tech's that have been in the business for over 15 years. They understand audio in reference to how big your hall is, the acoustics and the halls power management. Simply BBC Soundcrew does not use any equipment that would comprise our sound and reputation.

<- Quality Equipment does make a difference!

<- Equipment prices depend on the size of hall, amount of people attending as well as extravagance.

<- Wireless Mics are generally recommend since many Banquet halls locate the DJ booth far from main floor (meaning the a wired mic will be complicated to reach) however, by ordering a wireless mic for the night a wired mic will also be included

<- Remember if you hire a Generic Video Guy and DJ combo then YOU DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OF THE QUALITY OF DJ FOR YOUR PARTY! Many Video guys grab their family friend to run the music. While some of these DJ's may be adequate, they are not professional DJ's, even if it says so on their card.

<- Don't take anything to chance on one of the most important nights of your life. Music may be the most important aspect of the night. Saving a few bucks may come back to bite you in the butt if the music is no good and no one is enjoying themselves. Hire a Pro!!

<- Smoke/Fog Machine Vs Dry Ice

A smoke machine or fog machine adds a nice atmosphere to the dance floor. Fog unlike dry ice rises all the way to the ceiling generally, but is much easier to operate, is cheaper and has a longer life span meaning you can use it throughout the night.

Dry Ice machine uses (surprisingly) "dry ice" which is loaded in its hopper and submerged into the heated water tank by way of the external lever. From the front of the unit comes a low lying "fog" that will travel the floor, roll off a stage or stand, and drop to the lowest point of the ground. This is perfect for slow dances as the fog generally stays below you knees, making it ideal for pictures (floating on a cloud). However, it can only be used once until the ice inside the machine is gone and is more costly compared to fog machine.

<- Advantages of Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting creates a dynamic atmosphere as the light can create patters, designs and well as move intelligently with the beat of the music. The light can transform in to spot lights and well as offer 12 different colours. It can also rotate 360 degrees and hold more then 50 different design patterns which can change the environment of the dance floor for every song.

<- Lasers

Lasers can add a great effect on the dance floor, but it is highly recommended that along with the laser machine you also get a fog machine. Lasers reflect off the fog to make them more visible to the audience. The darker it is the better lasers work.

<- Filler/Lobby Speakers

Filler speakers tend to be in the back two corners of the hall to fill out the sound especially in long or wide hall where sound is hard to travel. They are necessary for big halls to send the sound to the back where the main speakers main not have enough reach (mainly during speeches) and the sound level can be adjusted at anytime. They can also be used for the lobby for background music before you allow people in to the main hall.

We Carry a 45 000 Song database for every event, so quick requests can be handled easily

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