custom mixes

You Want Three or Four Songs Mixed Together for a Performance? No Problem!

BBC Soundcrew offers variety of custom mixes for your:

  • Dances
  • Mix CD for Destination Weddings
  • Bhangra Performances
  • Bride and Groom Hall Introductions
  • Bollywood Performances
  • Slide Shows

With over 12 years of audio and radio editing skills, we can provide you with the best quality personalized mixes.  

You can customize:

  • Timing of the songs (when you want them to start and finish)
  • The Order of the Songs
  • If you want the song sped up or slowed down
  • Beats that you would to Add (Eg. Add dhol to a Hip Hop Song)
  • Voice over in a Track
  • Sound FX's

A copy of the mix can be sent to your email (MP3) or an Audio CD Mailed to your physical address.

Please email at or fill out a Quote form on your mix